Proud to serve our kids

Sustainability report 2021

2021 in numbers

  • 4 234 MNOK Revenue
  • 327 MNOK EBIT (adj) (1)
  • 39 909 tons Production volume
  • 697 (680) No of employees (FTE)
  • 35 % Share of female employees
  • 21 % Share of female managers
  • 6.1 (2,5 / 3,6) % Sick leave (short term/long term)
  • 4 708 tons GHG emissions scope 1 (tCO2e) (2)
  • 1 290 tons GHG emissions scope 2 (tCO2e) (3)
  • -11 % Change in GHG intensity from 2020
  • 0,142 kg CO2e /kg produced goods GHG intensity /GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) per produced goods (kg/kg))


Our purpose is to be proud to serve our kids. An important part of this purpose is acting responsibly, working towards being sustainable across all aspects of our business, and efficiently managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. This enables us to provide great products that are better for the consumer and better for the environment across the Nordic markets.

About Scandza

Scandza is a Nordic producer and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). We own and manage iconic brands, and serve the Scandinavian, Estonian, and UK markets.


As an international food producer and distributor, Scandza has a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable food system. We consider the environment in everything we do. Our goal is to reduce our emissions, protect the environment and empower consumers to choose sustainable food by providing low-impact products in a full product life cycle view.


As a manufacturer and distributor of food products and everyday consumer goods, our impact on people is large. As an employer our main responsibility is to ensure our employees’ health, safety, and well-being. As a food manufacturer, we aim to provide healthier products to our customers. As a buyer, we play a role for people in our supply chains. With production, we also influence local communities where our factories are located.


Scandza seeks to conduct our business in a manner that allows us to be proud to serve our kids. We are committed to ensuring a way of working that reduces risks to people and the environment along our value chain. At the same time, changes related to sustainability and the environment, such as climate change, regulatory changes, and transitional risks, represent risks that affect Scandza and are something that we need to continuously work to assess and address.

GRI Index

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1Numbers are according to IFRS.

2As of 2021 Scandza has also started reporting on GHG emissions from the production site in Hardanger, the Vestby warehouse, the Oslo headquarter and for Bonaventura. This number includes all units in Scandza.

3As for footnote 1.