Go’ Vegan

at a glance

Who we are

In 2017, some enthusiasts in Synnøve Finden got the idea to make vegan cheese alternatives for the Norwegian market. We found out what selection there was in the shops and thought that it must be possible to make a tastier, cheaper and not least more accessible alternative. From there, the range has increased and includes  much more than cheese! 

While Go’ Vegan does not have their own production facilities, the development of the range and the different products is the responsibility of a very dedicated group of people at Scandza.

Go’ Vegan in numbers 2021

Go’ Vegan’s product portfolio covers all sorts of vegan products; ranging from the initial cheese products to sausages and the 2021 launch of potato chips and chocolate.

A total of more than 30 products are now available from Go’ Vegan.

  • 27 MNOK Revenue
Go Vegan product line
Burgers and vegan mince with 100% recycled packaging

Our burgers and vegan minced meat substitute are made from peas. We choose peas over soy because peas have fewer negative environmental consequences, and also give a delicious taste to products. In 2021, we introduced new packaging that is 100% recycled.

Moving more of the production to our own facilities in Norway

Go’ Vegan products are produced at our suppliers’ production sites and several of Scandza’s production sites producing for Synnøve, Sørlandschips, Leiv Vidar and Finsbråten.

Go’Vegan is climate neutral

We have entered into a partnership with the climate and technology company CHOOOSE to neutralize our minimal and unavoidable carbon footprint. For every Go’ Vegan product sold, we reduce CO2 by supporting a waste management project that reduces methane gas and prevents greenhouse gas emissions. The project also supports four of the UN’s sustainability goals that contribute to creating better living conditions for the local population. So far, we are compensating more than the average footprint for similar products and can thus proudly say that Go’ Vegan’s products are climate neutral, or climate positive really, as we overcompensate to be on the safe side.

Vegan and vegetarian to reduce environmental impact

Replacing meat and dairy products with vegetarian or vegan alternatives can be a good environmental measure, both in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (see below), land use, and impact on biological diversity.

On top and up to date

Go’ Vegan was one of the first players in the market with vegan products in Norway. Gradually, many more players have emerged who compete in all or parts of the same market. Go’ Vegan has still managed to consolidate its position!

In Mediacom’s report on brands that stay up to date in Norway, Go’ Vegan is the only food production brand.

Sustainability going forward

Go’ Vegan will constantly focus its effort to keep the position as an innovative and popular vegan brand when it comes to the product, the packaging and the way we produce and sell it. We will develop indicators to track and report our progress in line with the requirements from Scandza. Furthermore we will run our business aligned with the Scandza governance framework and participate in all centrally organized initiatives.