Be better for the environment

2021 in numbers

  • 4708 tons GHG emissions scope 1 (tCO2)
  • 1290 tons GHG emissions scope 2 (tC02)
  • -11% Change in GHG intensity from 2020
  • 0,142 kg CO2e/kg produced goods GHG intensity/GHG emissions (scope 1 and 2) per produced goods (kg/kg)
  • 67722 MWh Total energy consumption (MWh)
  • -5% Change in energy intensity
  • 378500 m3 Water consumption (Production sites)
  • 5,5% Change in water intensity
  • 48% Waste material recovery and composition

As an international food producer and distributor, Scandza has a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable food system. We consider the environment in everything we do. Our goal is to reduce our emissions, protect the environment and empower consumers to choose sustainable food by providing low-impact products in a full product life cycle view.

Environmental friendly production

A high level of environmental performance is key to succeed as a food producer in the years to come. Emissions, resource use, and waste are examples of how food production impacts the environment. Scandza has 9 production sites in Norway and Sweden, and we believe we can contribute to the sustainable development of the food system by ensuring a high level of environmental performance in our production. This is an ongoing process that requires systematic and continuous work to ensure the right technology, infrastructure, and competence is used, along with performance data to guide our work.

More sustainable products

Environmentally friendly production is not just about how to use input factors in production. It is also about creating products that are environmentally friendly in themselves.