People at the core of our business

2021 in numbers

  • 697 Number of employees
  • 680 Number of FTEs
  • 35% Share of women
  • 65% Share of men
  • 225 19 Women Permanent employees Temporary employees
  • 413 40 Men Permanent employees Temporary employees
  • 214 30 Women Full time employees Part time employees (1)
  • 429 24 Men Full time employees Part time employees
  • 6.1% Sick leave total Total
  • 3.6% Sick leave long term
  • 2.5% Sick leave short term

As a manufacturer and distributor of food products and everyday consumer goods, our impact on people is large. As an employer our main responsibility is to ensure our employees’ health, safety, and well-being. As a food manufacturer, we aim to provide healthier products to our customers. As a buyer, we play a role for people in our supply chains. With production, we also influence local communities where our factories are located.

Being a responsible employer

Our employees are the foundation of our success. Valuing and ensuring their wellbeing is a core sustainability pillar for Scandza. Our main priorities are to provide safe and healthy working environments, to be an inclusive organization, and to make sure our employees are given the opportunity to evolve and excel every day.

Our suppliers are key to us

Governing the social and environmental risks in our supply chain is our responsibility. Reducing negative impacts is pivotal to our integrity as a company. We have a direct impact through our choice of suppliers, raw materials, and marketing of our products, and thus the ability to enhance demand for sustainable products. We view this as a business opportunity but also a great responsibility. Our goal is for consumers to trust and prefer our brands being better for the consumers, for the environment and for people in our supply chains. 

Better for you

Scandza wants to contribute to a healthier society, and our promise is to provide goods that are better for you. Lifestyle diseases are inherently linked to dietary habits, which leads to reduced quality of life and an economic burden to society.