Most sustainable chips on the market?

Sørlandschips is aiming to be the most sustainable chips brand on the market. One of our most important measures is to reduce food waste along the value chain. That’s why we use 95% of the potatoes the farmers harvest – saving 5 millions of potatoes each year. Keeping the peel on saves another 10 million potatoes a year. 

Wrapping is everything?

Our new chips bag consists of more than 50% paper, reducing 80 tons of plastic annually. Since 2016, we have managed to have 64 kilos of chips on every pallet. This makes transportation more effective and reduces the amount of heavy lifting in the stores.

We are nothing without our employees

The Diversity Award is the state’s award for outstanding use of immigrants’ skills in working life, and we are proud to have been nominated for this prize in 2021. Sørlandschips has at any given time around five people taking a trade certificate or receiving work training in collaboration with NAV. In addition, the factory is made available for language training for refugees.