About Scandza


Scandza is a Nordic producer and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). We own and manage iconic brands, and serve the Scandinavian, Estonian, and UK markets.

Scandza was established in 2007, followed by the acquisition of Sørlandschips in 2008 and Synnøve Finden in 2009. Since then, Scandza’s portfolio has expanded further and includes multiple brands within large target categories (1).

Scandza’s brands have a strong track record of innovation and mostly hold second or third positions in our markets.

Our companies and brands
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We offer iconic Scandinavian brands

We believe that the best brands combine great taste, quality ingredients, attractive and convenient designs, as well as being sustainable. But the ultimate test will always be whether we are proud to serve our food to our kids.


Bonaventura is a wholesaler without its own production, and sourcing more sustainable products in a more sustainable manner and then providing these products to our customers are how we affect environmental and social aspects in general.

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Brödernas and Lindvalls

Brödernas and Lindvalls have been producing food of the highest quality since 1928 and 1925 respectively. Together they have the  #1 position in the convenience hot dog markets in Norway and Sweden. Products include cold cuts, sausages, and convenience hot dogs.

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In 2017, some enthusiasts in Synnøve Finden got the idea to make vegan cheese alternatives for the Norwegian market. We found out what selection there was in the shops and thought that it must be possible to make a tastier, cheaper and not least more accessible alternative. From there, the range has increased and includes  much more than cheese! 

While Go’ Vegan does not have their own production facilities, the development of the range and the different products is the responsibility of a very dedicated group of people at Scandza.

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Leiv Vidar and Finsbråten

Leiv Vidar was established in 1950 by sausage maker Leiv Vidar. Since then, we have been working on making the very best sausages. The following year, in 1951, Finsbråten was established. Then the brothers Osvald, Frank and Kåre Finsbråten started making meat products in the basement of the small farm at Eidsvoll. Together, Leiv Vidar and Finsbråten are a significant producer of meat products in Norway.

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Peppes Hjemme is a series of tasty, traditional Peppes ingredients that give you the opportunity to create not only good moments, but also delicious pizza at home in your own kitchen.  Peppes frossen? Peppes snack pizza produseres i Westend på Rud.

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Sørlandschips was founded in 1990 when one of the founders returned to Kristiansand from the US with a plastic bag filled with potato chips. Now, still located in Kristiansand,  Sørlandschips holds a strong #2 market position and is the most preferred chips brand in Norway.

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Synnøve is a Norwegian dairy producer established in 2007 and now an established challenger contributing to  innovation and category expansion in the Norwegian market.

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Proud to serve our kids

The foundation of our business is based on our DNA. Our purpose is to be Proud to serve our kids and our reason to be is to improve Scandinavians’ lives. We promise great tasting, healthy, green, and relevant products. To succeed, we use our entrepreneurial spirit combined with agile systems and processes. Our iconic brands guarantee a product that we would be proud to serve our kids. But beyond products, our purpose is also about being of service and leaving a legacy that we can be proud of for coming generations.

Our strategic goals towards 2030

  • Consumers will trust and prefer our brands because they are better for them and the environment.
  • All our brands shall contribute to making the Scandinavian consumer healthier and greener.
  • Our brands shall be sustainably produced by default.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Scandza is in a unique position to contribute to reaching the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs). We also have a particular responsibility to do so. We produce food and beverages, using resources that take a toll on the environment and the climate. 

How we manage these resources is crucial to us as a company. We have identified a series of sustainable development goals that we, through our business, will help the world reach. In everything we do, we will consider how we affect our employees, local communities, consumers, and the planet, and make this a decisive factor driving our decisions.

Zero hunger

  • Support food and agriculture systems that optimize production and minimize waste, to provide nutrition and promote health for all people
  • Protect and enhance the environment
  • Promote access and transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology

Decent work and economic growth

  • Uphold human rights and labour standards across our own operations and value chains
  • Protect workers’ right to collective bargaining 
  • Focus on non-discrimination, equal opportunities and treatment in our own operations and value chain

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Investments in physical infrastructure and technology that allows for sustainable processing and storage of goods  

Responsible consumption and production

  • Enhance resource efficiency and waste management
  • Strive for sustainably sourced commodities 
  • Reduce food waste and packaging 
  • Raise consumer awareness about sustainability

1In April 2021, the parent company of Scandza, Jordanes Invest, bought Dely (formerly Umoe Restaurants) and restructured the companies in its portfolio, leading to four main business areas in Jordanes: Scandza, The Feel Good Company, Bisca, and Dely. This means that The Feel Good Company and Bisca are not part of the Scandza group and are structured as separate entities. The scope of this report is the Scandza portfolio, as listed below, as of 31.12.2021.