Modern design reducing plastics!

In 2021, we modernised the design of our 750g Greek yogurt. This has meant that we cut 10 tonnes of plastic annually related to this production! In addition, we have further developed the yoghurt so that it is rich in protein and has low fat of only 2%. We also have a Synnøve Greek Natural yogurt with 10% fat, which received a three stars superior taste award, and is great for cooking! Our Greek yoghurt packaging is just one of many examples of how we work continuously with more sustainable solutions for packaging.

Well preserved and low-fat

Synnøve Vellagret Lettost is stored for 6 months to bring out a rich, full-bodied flavour. It is made with fresh Norwegian milk, and is curdled and packed at Synnøve’s dairy. It contains 40% less fat, but has the same great taste

Cocoa Horizon in Sjoko Loco

In 2021, Synnøve launched its own chocolate spread, Synnøve Sjoko Loco. Sjoko Loco contains 50% less sugar compared to other chocolate spreads. The cocoa is sourced through the program Cocoa Horizons. Cocoa Horizons goes beyond compliance, implementing impactful activities at scale that drive meaningful change in cocoa farming communities. Please read for more information. 

360 degree attacks on packaging

We are constantly working to find better packaging, both to reduce food waste, the amount of packaging, and improve the filling rate of the bag and on the pallet. For instance we have improved the shelf life of sliced brown cheese and introduced “Best before, often good after” labeling. For the “Kjøleskapsgrøt”-serie we  improve the amount of filling, double the number of d-pack per pallet and reduce cardboard per bag. We have 50% less packaging on Klemmeost than similar products in a tube and 65% less plastic on grated cheese in bags than similar products.