“2021 was another exciting year for Scandza. We continued our journey making Scandza a more sustainable company in line with our ultimate objective of being “Proud to serve our kids”.

We have readjusted, innovated, and excelled during changing and challenging circumstances. I believe the core of our DNA, our strong belief in brands, and our entrepreneurial co-workers have enabled us to prosper. Scandza strives to be a lean organization, with employees empowered to make a difference.

The past two years our employees have handled the perils that have arisen from the pandemic and the turmoil in the markets. This gives me great confidence that Scandza is more than capable to face new trials in 2022 and beyond. Adapt, adjust, and carry on is the new mantra – it fits the Scandza DNA. In a changing market, our agility enables us to see possibilities and create a Scandza advantage.

Through our DNA we are committed to “be better for the environment”. To deliver on this promise, we must work systematically on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of our business. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, malnutrition and inequality are global challenges that must be solved if we are to reach the UN Sustainable development goals. At the same time, we see that climate and environmental change are increasingly representing a risk to our food systems. As a food producer and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods, we need to address how we impact and how we are impacted; we are a part of the solution and need to mitigate these risks going forward.

We continue to reduce our environmental footprint by cutting emissions and increasing resource efficiency in our production. Throughout 2021 we have reduced overall emission intensity in our production by 28,5 percent from our base year of 2019. I am pleased to see that in a year with record production, we continue to cut emissions.

In addition to cutting our emissions we continue to reduce the amount of packaging, provide healthier products to the market, and improve our supply chain management.

Scandza continues to take steps in a more sustainable direction and by publishing our second ESG report on the web, we hope to easier interact with our stakeholders on our progress. I invite you to follow us on our journey and welcome your feedback on this sustainability report.”

– Trond Haug, CEO